Happy national Pizza month!

 So October is the national month of Pizza!


We have been celebrating here at Domino’s Pizza SK by looking through some of our old menus and what we deliver around the world.


Pepperoni will always be the number one topping in the UK and Ireland, but let’s see what our taste buds across the world fancy when they order #greatness…

Japan – Squid
Guatemala- Black Bean Sauce
The Bahamas – Barbecued Chicken
Australia – Capsicum
India – Lamb & Pickled Ginger
France – Fresh Cream
Portugal – Chorizo
Netherlands – Grilled Lamb

Domino’s delivers Pizza in more than 60 countries, and some of those create some interesting concoctions!

Different Pizza Combinations from around the world

The ‘Potato Pizza’ is a huge hit in Korea, topped with Potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, onions, corn, pepperoni, extra cheese (Winning) and then…Mayo….Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it huh?!


In Taiwan, the ‘Seafood delight’ including  squid, shrimp, crab, onions and peas is a best seller!

The Pizza lovers down under prefer a bit more heat with their ‘Pan Supreme Pizza’. This includes Mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, pineapple, ham, beef, cheese and capsicum – a type of Chilli Pepper!


In Mexico the Domino’s ‘Ranchera Pizza’ made with onions, chorizo, extra cheese, frijoles (beans) and jalapeños is the pizza of choice.

The French enjoy the ‘Fromage’ which is topped with goat’s cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella and emmental cheese – ALL THE CHEESE!

dominospizza sk

But Spain step things up in the cheese game with their FIVE cheese pizza. Yep. FIVE CHEESES! Mozzarella, provolone, Cheddar, Parmesan and blue cheese.

The Tex Mex Pizza is a hit in Switzerland, topped with onions, double beef, fresh tomatoes and jalapeño peppers.

Would you fancy trying one of these Pizzas here in the UK at all? Comment below with your favourite toppings!


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