How does Domino’s monitor it’s suppliers?

We take great pride in ensuring the quality of our products and, to that end, Domino’s Pizza Group has a documented Supplier Approval Procedure in place. All suppliers of food ingredients and packaging agree to a detailed product specification for the products they supply. This is reviewed by our Food Technologist to ensure the product is safe, legal and of consistently high quality.

All food products are risk assessed and their production is either audited by our Food Technologist or is certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. A database of Domino’s approved products and suppliers is maintained. Suppliers are continually assessed in various ways. For example, quality checks carried out on delivery, samples sent for analysis or feedback received from stores or consumers.

Is Domino’s suitable for Vegetarians?

All of our cheese is made with vegetarian rennet and is suitable for vegetarians. See our food guide for more details on toppings and pizzas.

Is Domino’s suitable for Vegans?

Our bases contain a milk derived ingredient, making them unsuitable for vegans. 
See our food guide for more details.

Is Domino’s suitable for Diabetics?

We list the carbohydrate content of our pizzas by the slice and 100g within the food guide.

I have food allergies, what Domino’s products can I eat?

Details on the ingredients of all our products can be found in our food guide. Our stores are busy working environments and there is a risk of cross-contamination between toppings. If you have an allergy please inform your order-taker.

Domino’s Pizza is a member of the Anaphylaxis Campaign.

Can I eat Domino’s if I’m pregnant?

Yes, all of our cheese is pasteurised so it’s fine for pregnant ladies to eat.

Are the eggs used by Domino’s Free Range?

We use eggs as an ingredient in a few of our products – details of which can be found in our food guide. While the egg ingredients are not free range, they are compliant with the latest EU directive which requires an enriched environment for the hens. We work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure they comply to both our high standards and all the required legislation.

Does Domino’s sell any Gluten Free products?

As of November 19, 2012, our new gluten-free base is available to order online, in person or by phone from all of our 740+ Domino’s UK and Republic of Ireland stores.

The base has been accredited by Coeliac UK, the leading national charity dedicated to improving life for people with coeliac disease. Domino’s Pizza is the first major pizza delivery company to launch a Coeliac UK accredited gluten-free pizza.

The gluten-free pizza is available at no extra cost.

What Control does Domino’s have in place for making the Gluten Free pizzas?

We have been working on this product with Coeliac UK for a number of years. Our team members have been fully trained on the new product, to make sure that they understand the controls around handling gluten-free pizzas and ingredients.

We have a range of controls in place, which have been thoroughly tested to ensure our gluten-free product will be suitable for coeliacs. These include:

    • The gluten-free bases are made in dedicated central production facilities.
    • Every gluten-free base is stored in a sealed pouch before use. Before opening the base, the team member must wash their hands.
    • The gluten-free base is easy to differentiate from our classic crust as it is a slightly different size.
    • Different size screens are used to cook gluten-free pizzas.
    • All of our makeline teams have been trained on the correct handling of the product and which toppings contain gluten.
    • Toppings which contain gluten are clearly marked on our website and will be highlighted on our printed menus from January 2013.
    • One team member will take ownership of each gluten-free pizza from start to end of the makeline.
    • Fresh sauce and a clean spoodle will be used for all gluten-free pizzas.
    • Your gluten-free pizza will not be sliced.
    • We do not use separate toppings for gluten free pizzas. Only three of our toppings contain gluten and the risk of cross contamination from these toppings is eliminated by the controls in place. This has been validated by testing.
    • Within each store, a manager or appointed person will conduct a hot rack check to confirm pizza is on the correct base, correctly topped and boxed before it is sent for delivery.
    • Team members will place a sticker on the box indicating it is gluten-free.
    • The corn flour we use for stretching most of our pizzas is gluten-free. We do not handle wheat flour in any of our stores.
    • We will not be using separate ovens for our pizzas – thorough testing has concluded that it does not present a risk in our stores.

Are your products suitable for people who are Lactose Intolerant?

Our gluten-free pizza base is dairy-free.

Is Domino’s meat organic or Free Range?

We take the animal welfare standards in our food chain very seriously. Our suppliers are compliant with legislative standards and are regularly audited. We do not currently use organic meat – mainly due to commercial reasons in terms of the price of organic meat and the availability of the types of product that we use. The same is true for free range.

Do any products contain nuts?

We do not use nuts in our pizzas or side orders. However, some ingredients are produced in factories that handle nuts and some of the ice cream sold in stores does contains nuts. The vast majority of sites producing our food do not handle nuts and although those that do have controls in place to ensure segregation, we could never claim to be ‘nut free’.

Do Domino’s products contain any MSG, Artificial colours or flavours or added hydrogenated fats?

No, we don’t use any of the above.

Is L-Cysteine suitable for vegetarians?

The L-cysteine we use in our bases is chemically synthesised so it is suitable for vegetarians.

Why isn’t Domino’s mozzarella Buffalo Mozzarella?

Mozzarella is a type of cheese that generally is produced from cows’ milk. Buffalo mozzarella comes from buffalo milk and is traditionally used in Italy. The limited availability of Buffalo milk, plus the requirement for shelf-life to allow nationwide distribution, means dairy herds are by far the biggest source of milk for mozzarella production around the world. This mozzarella is what we use. See our fun Food Heroes video for more details.

How much salt is there in Domino’s products?

Full nutritional details can be found in our food guide. In May 2012, Domino’s signed up to two pledges as part of the Government’s Responsibility Deal, one of which was salt reduction.

Are Domino’s stores or products Halal?

While we no longer have any halal stores, all our chicken, with the exception of our chicken wings, is halal slaughtered. We would like to reassure customers that all our chicken is stunned and we take our responsibility to animal welfare very seriously. None of our other meats are halal.

Why can’t I buy Domino’s dips in supermarkets?
We have considered doing this, but after a lot of thought we decided it’s the thing that makes our pizzas unique and we want to keep it that way. We feel that the Domino’s dip should only ever be with a Domino’s pizza so unfortunately, it’s not something we’d be looking to do at the moment.

Why don’t Domino’s pizza makers wear gloves?

Just as you wouldn’t see a top chef in a restaurant wearing gloves to prepare food, we don’t wear them for pizza making. We find that our team members are much more likely to keep continually washing their hands when they are not wearing gloves. We actively encourage hand washing in our stores as part of our high in-store standards.

Why don’t Domino’s team members wear hairnets?

Although our teams don’t wear hairnets, they do wear baseball caps – this is similar to most traditional butchers, where again you see people in hats rather than hair nets. Our rules on hair covering are that hair longer than the top of the uniform shirt collar must be secured under the cap or restrained with a hair band or a hairnet. The important thing is that the hair is out of the way and not falling forward over food.

What control does Domino’s have in place for making Vegetarian pizzas?

Our stores are busy working environments and there is a risk of cross-contamination between toppings. If you are a very strict vegetarian, please inform your order-taker.

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