Pizza photoAt Domino’s, the pizza is the hero and we work hard with our suppliers and follow the seasons around the world to ensure that we offer the finest quality ingredients Mother Nature can provide.

The pizza story starts with fresh dough, produced in our three supply chain centres in Milton Keynes, Penrith and Naas in the Republic of Ireland.

Take this as your foundation and add delicious vine-ripened tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella cheese for the classic Domino’s cheese and tomato pizza.  From there, we have a range of toppings from pepperoni to pineapple and sweetcorn to sausage, so customers can have their pizza just how they like it.

With a choice of bases, sauces, cheese and toppings – there are over 100 million different ways to customise a Domino’s pizza.

  • First, choose a base – from our range including classic hand stretched, Thin Crust, Double Decadence, Stuffed Crust or Gluten Free.


  • Next, choose a sauce – traditional vine-ripened tomato or BBQ.


  • Then, pick a cheese – always 100% mozzarella, but it’s the customer’s choice between our traditional mozzarella or Delight mozzarella with the same great taste, but a third less fat.


  • Finally, pick some toppings from the wide range of delicious items on our menu.


As well as delicious, freshly made pizzas, Domino’s also offers a range of tasty side dishes such as chicken strippers, chicken kickers, chicken wings, garlic pizza bread and potato wedges, as well as desserts including cookies, brownies and ice-cream.



We believe it’s important to offer our customers a wide range of information with regard to our food, so please visit the CSR section where you will be able to access information about the nutritional values of our food, including calorific content and relevant allergen information.  We also share with you some short films on some of our key toppings, as well as a wealth of other facts and figures about Domino’s ingredients.

Pizza can be part of a balanced diet, with our average customer ordering once a month.  To help all our customers balance their diets, we’ve included some helpful hints and tips on the route to a healthier pizza.

Food is precious and should be treated with respect and we will always make sure that a Domino’s pizza has the best quality ingredients, brought together by skilled pizza makers, to keep supplying our customers with delicious, piping-hot pizza every time.