This deal is just Two Tasty!

Our latest Deal-iscious offer has arrived! Just in time for the weekend! With the Two Tasty deal you can get 2 x Medium Pizzas, 1 x Sumptuous sides and 1.25 ltr bottle of drink for £19.99. For an extra £2.50 you can add the all new Lotta-Chocca pizza! Our fresh 6" dough base topped with … Continue reading This deal is just Two Tasty!


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Treat pops to a slice of #Greatness this Sunday night and let him sit back and relax on his special day! We have some feast-tastic deals available, including our family deal! Get 2 Medium pizzas, 2 x sumptuous sides and 1.25ltr bottle of drink for £22! … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!